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Monthly Archives: December 2022

    Emily Arroyo | Client Care Coordinator

    By Kortnie Brey | December 27, 2022

    Meet Emily Arroyo | Client Care Coordinator | Laffins Real Estate Team Meet Emily everybody! She is our client care coordinator and does so much for The Team! From websites, to google, to new clients to past clients, to ordering pizza for our current clients we are so lucky to have Emily! She is a... Read More

    Holiday Party Fun! Can You Guess Who We Are Passing To?

    By Kortnie Brey | December 22, 2022

    I’m Passing The Phone To Someone Who… Took some time at our holiday party to have some fun! We came up with some fun and silly ways to describe each other 🎊 Can you guess who we are going to pass the phone to!? 😂 Did you know all these facts about us?? Let us... Read More

    Realtors! Don’t Get Crushed in 2023

    By Kortnie Brey | December 22, 2022

    Realtors! 8 Tips Not to Get Crushed in 2023 1. Be the knowledge broker– tell us your favorite podcast below!2. Video– You just gotta do it!3. Open Houses– It’s the only place where your clients come to you!4. Organized Systems– Great for keeping track of all important information5. Group calls– Hold each other accountable6. Mastermind... Read More

    Meet Raquel Andrew | Laffins Real Estate Team

    By Kortnie Brey | December 20, 2022

    From fantasy Football leagues, four legged friends, roots in Chico to an amazing last year in real estate. Raquel Andrew is a well rounded Chico Local who has lots of great things to say. Meet Raquel! #laffinsteamchico #realestate #chicoca #laffinsteam #fantasyfootball Read More

    Red Flags in a Home Inspection

    By Kortnie Brey | December 19, 2022

    Red Flags in a Home Inspection | Laffins Real Estate Team Chico Sellers this one is for you. Here is some advice on what to do with your inspections, and what to lookout for. By now, most of you probably know that it is a great idea to get your inspections upfront when selling your... Read More

    Sellers | Watch This Before Pricing Your Home

    By Kortnie Brey | December 15, 2022

    Sellers! Watch This Before Pricing Your Home SELLERS 📣 looking to price your home in this constantly changing market? The MOST current home comparisons are what you are going to want to look at, preferably within the last 30 days. What you don’t want to do is price the house too high, people will catch... Read More

    ‘Most Likely To’ Shirts

    By Kortnie Brey | December 14, 2022

    Over the weekend The Team had their annual Holiday party and oh boy was it fun. The best part was that our wonderful and HILARIOUS listing manager @therealrileybutterfield came up with the idea to get us all shirts that described us as “Most likely to” for Christmas. She might have been completely accurate 😉 it made for... Read More

    New Chico Cat Cafe

    By Kortnie Brey | December 12, 2022

    Have her heard about the NEW and ONLY Cat Cafe right here in Chico!? The Team took a visit to the Great Catsby located between Nashes and Dutch Bros on the esplanade. It was a great place to hangout, relax, have a few drinks and play with cats! The Great Catsby is great for all... Read More

    You Must Stage | Laffins Real Estate

    By Kortnie Brey | December 9, 2022

    Popular Opinion | You Must Stage Your Home When Selling | Laffins Real Estate Team Should you stage your home? How do you stage your home? How do I stage my home when I still live there? You got questions, we got ansewers To stage or not to stage? 🤔 ALWAYS STAGE. Your home will... Read More

    Make a Vision Board

    By Kortnie Brey | December 9, 2022

    Make Vision Boards With Magazines | Laffins Real Estate Team How do you make a vision board? Well we made our vision board with magazines, poster board, and glue sticks! What a great way to gather and get inspired together! #visionboard #visionboardtips #realtor #chico #howto Read More